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I have been ensuring project and real estate management success for more than 16 years


Maxwell Roe


& Consultant 

Growing up, we always had projects in my family. We remodeled houses, kept chickens, fixed cars, dug holes, moved things, built all manner of stuff for us, others we knew or for large public exhibits for my dad's company.  I began my project management and construction management career in earnest while still attending high school. I spent afternoons, evening, and summers working for both my dad's exhibit design and installation company, and my grandfather's commercial wall covering's business in Phoenix Arizona. Throughout those formative years, I established priceless foundations in project management and construction; I learned how to build or fix just about anything. For most of my late teens and early twenties, I leverage those skills and worked in construction and maintenance learning vital on the job trades. Framing, finish carpentry, plumbing, electrical, wall coverings, concrete, tile roofing, landscaping and more.

While studying biology at University of Norther Arizona, I started my first small business doing residential and commercial maintenance and construction. Throughout my university years, this small business provided me a unique opportunity to stretch my mind academically and practically as a small sole proprietorship owner/operator. 

In tandem with my small business and University work, I spent four summers as a lead counselor at a summer camp for people with disabilities called Camp Tatiyee. I met my life-partner and many of my most valued relationships over those years. This time profoundly shaped me as a leader, working daily and for months on end to rally young people to work 16 hour days in the care of others. This was the hardest I have ever worked, and had the most fun I have ever had.


Shortly after leaving Northern Arizona, I moved to Fort Collins Colorado with my partner so she could attend a Colorado State University Master's program. While in Colorado, I worked for Henderson Property Management and Real Estate. At the tail end of the great recession jobs were scarce, and I began a maintenance technician overseeing many site level projects and crew leadership opportunities; but quickly moved through the ranks. First to a leasing agent and then leasing manager, and finally to a commercial property management position. I initiated many systems and management improvements to the leasing department (that I managed) and then later to the property management team as the manager overseeing the largest door count at the time (more than 400 doors). From communication strategy, to workflows, project management and business development, I was a vital part of the commercial  property management team. The scope of work included continuous capital improvement projects that I oversaw end-to-end, scaling from $500 - $500,000.

After my partner completed her Master's program, we decided to move to Bend, OR to be closer to family we have in the area, and to live in beautiful Central Oregon. We are both avid outdoor enthusiasts.


I was immediately offered a position at Clean USA Power Inc. in 2015.


I accepted and undertook a multi-faceted position with Clean USA Power Inc. as a: business development manager, renewable energy real estate manager, private equity fund manager, fundraising and sales associate, and most recently for the last 1.5 years, as a utility-scale solar energy development strategist and project manager. I am infinitely used to wearing many hats. The company grew from $2M to $7M AUM as John Copyak (the founder) and I worked diligently together to realize our shared dream of becoming large-scale solar energy developers. I developed all new customer management systems delivering unheard of closing ratios on cold real estate negotiations and sales. I created communication strategies, and project management systems to successfully handle more than 250 simultaneous contract negotiations for a large-scale 1475 acre solar energy development in California.  I raised more than $2M in private equity funding for our projects.  

I can help you with your project management or real estate management needs, and I would be delighted for an opportunity to work together.


Let's talk. 

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