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Coyote Worx is a founding member of Shasta Power a crowd-funded solar development company. Investments are open to accredited investors starting at $50,000. There is no more powerful way of impacting climate change than investing directly in clean energy development and we have made this process very easy through Shasta Power. Get started by visiting us over at 

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Angeles Summit - 200 MW/AC Solar PV

Coyote Worx is retained by Clean USA Power Inc. as a consultant for a large-scale solar energy development for; real estate acquisition strategy and negotiations on the site comprised of 1,475 acres and more than 85 unique landowners, communications and systems strategy and consulting, and project management services and consulting. 


Clean USA Power Renewable Energy Real Estate Investing 

Clean USA Power and Coyote Worx have been creating investment opportunities in clean energy together since 2019. Investing in renewable energy real estate can be powerful if done correctly, and a huge and costly mistake if done poorly. Clean USA Power and the whole team have a track record of delivering profitable investment funds since 2011

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