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Coyote Worx is clever, so your property or project works better

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Project Management Consulting

Property Management Consulting


I specialize in project management scaling from small home improvements, events, to multi-million dollar commercial renovations, private equity fundraising, and utility-scale solar development, and any project with a budget and a timeline. 

I know what it takes to ensure your project is on budget and on time. 


I managed over 400 units as a licensed real estate agent and a commercial property manager for a leading Colorado property management company. Overseeing leasing, tenant enforcement, maintenance management, real estate sales, capital improvements, evictions and more. 

Whether you are a new landlord in over your head, a seasoned investor, or  a professional real estate manager, I can help lift your management to the next level



Why do projects fail?

  • Resource Management

  • Scope-Creep

  • Poor Controls

  • Unrealistic Expectations

  • Ineffective Communication

What is ineffective property management?

  • Poor Tenant Filtering

  • Lax Lease Enforcement

  • Reactive Maintenance

  • Ignoring Relationships and Communication

  • No Capital Improvement Planning


I founded Coyote Worx because project management and real estate management can be done better. Most projects fail before the excited founding teams even realize there is an issue--the momentum of poor planning dooming it before the failure-cliff is even in sight. 

Most property managers have been stuck in catch-up mode from the beginning, they know what to do, they just can't seem to get it organized.. For new landlords, management is daunting, or has already spun out of control. 


I am here to help you avoid pitfalls, and to discover your unique path to project and property management success. 

You know what you want to do, and I can make it happen.


- Max Roe 

M. O'Malley, OR

“The highest calibre level of service and knowledge, from the first moment of contact to the final acquisition of required documentation, is truly impressive! Max provided dedicated, consistent attention to detail along with caring, personal support over 18 months. Whether it was related to the smallest task (like tracking a mailing) to the bigger vision (decisions grounded in environmental conservation awareness), the effort, patience and joy in accomplishing all that is required was inspiring.  Finally, the level of wisdom and experience accompanied by a specific can-do attitude is just not something you find everywhere.  Each person I had contact with did their job in the most professional, efficient way in service to me as a client and to their company's mission. They are absolute leaders in the field and make an exceptional and valuable contribution - I'm very grateful to have found them, and while recommending them to everyone also look forward to continuing further business."


PO Box 1907 Bend, OR 97709

  Tel: 928-607-4275

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