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Green Marketing: How to Boost Business through Eco-Measures

By Guest Author, Chelsea Lamb

Coyote Worx is positioned at the head of the transition from antiquated modes of power like oil, gas and coal, to new, clean, sustainable power sources like wind and solar. Contact us today for more info! 928-607-4275

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Green is all the rage today. From eco-conscious business practices to sustainable product packaging, the world of entrepreneurship has embraced green operations and marketing full force. And not only is going green good for the environment, but it can also significantly boost your brand and its bottom line. Want a 'greenprint' you can follow to start a sustainable business? Coyote Worx shares the basics of a green business below.

What is Green Marketing?

Green marketing is a promotion method that uses sustainability and eco-conscious practices to attract and retain new customers. Highlighting your green efforts as a marketing strategy can be highly beneficial for your business, as it consciously positions your business as one that cares. Your brand perception will be progressive, forward-thinking, trustworthy, and likable. However, when pursuing your business idea, be sure to validate the profitability of your business idea fully. In addition, be aware of 'greenwashing', as sustainable claims that aren't backed up can land you in trouble.

Take Small Measures

If you're genuinely committed to going green, consider small measures that pack a punch. For example, GreenJournal suggests steps like switching to LED lights in the office and initiating solid recycling practices. Reducing paper waste is also important and easy when you switch to digitizing your paper records and documents. Simply scan your documents into a PDF version and then store them on your hard drive or in the cloud.

Lastly, look into ways to make your brick-and-mortar facilities green. For example, good ventilation, smart shades, and renewable fuel sources will improve the green efficacy of your office space. This will also offer an excellent return on investment, by improving employee health, happiness, and productivity.

Funding Your Sustainable Business

According to StartupNation, over 45% of new businesses underestimate the capital they'll need for their new business. That's why it's critical you do the research and create projections for expenses, operating costs, and potential business losses. Finding grants to aid in your funding can be extremely helpful, as it can be the push you need to get started.

There are lots of grants out there for all kinds of entrepreneurs. For example, suppose you're a Black entrepreneur. In that case, there are grants targeted specifically for African-American-owned startups from the National Association for the Self-Employed, Coalition to Back Black Businesses, and the Minority Business Development Agency. With so many organizations showing support, you're sure to get the recognition you deserve as a minority entrepreneur in the over-saturated business world.

Effective Sustainable Marketing Methods

Green marketing isn't a temporary consumer trend. Instead, it's here to stay. To adapt your marketing practices to green principles, start by considering your existing marketing strategies and whether they have the potential for green improvement. For example, if you're already producing video marketing content, you could highlight some green practices you're undertaking in future videos.

This is where content marketing is so important. Content marketing uses targeted content to share your branding message and other information online, whether that’s blog posts, posts to your social media accounts, or email marketing. All this works to spur interest in your product or service to grow your brand and your network. At the same time, content marketing builds relationships and trust in your business. Check out Cornerstone Content to learn more about his unique area of advertising.

Regarding your website, you could also highlight critical green statistics so that consumers know your measures when browsing. Educational content on your blog about green practices and how your business is making necessary changes will also be an excellent way to demonstrate your green initiatives through marketing.

The world of green marketing and business awaits you! You'll see improved savings, better consumer engagement, and boosted sales when you adopt eco-conscious practices. What's not to love!

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